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Graffiti Removal in Edinburgh

Whether you love it or loathe it, graffiti is all around us, in fact it has been around us since Roman times. Some would say it’s an opportunity for a person to express their creative abilities, others might reason that graffiti is nothing more than a nuisance, and others would argue that it is an act of vandalism. Whatever your views, when graffiti appears on a brick wall outside your home or at the entrance to your apartment block or on your business premises it’s probably not in a location where you want to see it.

Graffiti can also present problems of how to remove it, it’s not as simple as using soap and water. Graffiti is usually applied using spray paints or permanent marker pens that consist of solvents or petroleum, so this will influence what is used to remove it. Similarly, the methods used can also depend upon the surface it has been put on.

At Edinburghclean.co.uk we are fully trained in graffiti removal and are conversant with the range of products available to remove graffiti safely and without damaging the surface. We can remove graffiti from stone, concrete, render plastic, wood and other surfaces.

We use tried and tested methods combining these with our understanding of exterior surfaces. We use a number of different solvents depending on what type of paint has been used and what the surface is. The products we use are specifically designed to remove cellulose-based paints which are often the paint type of choice used for graffiti. As part of the process we will leave the solvent on for 3-12 hours which will work on the graffiti and can then be gently washed off taking the paint with it.

We offer a graffiti removal service as part of our building maintenance services. We will advise you on what’s best to use but will not proceed with the work until we have your agreement.

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