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Reaching New Heights with Commercial Window Cleaning in Edinburgh!

Your windows are a reflection of you. If you are a business owner, it is vital that you make a great first impression to any visitor. While the inside of your building might be spotless, what about the outside? Even the most attractive buildings can be spoiled if the windows are dirty. As a business owner you don’t want anything to tarnish your reputation so having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis with commercial window cleaning, is a great way to guarantee a professional image every time.

At Edinburghclean.co.uk we provide commercial window cleaning and employ highly skilled cleaning operatives to clean office and shop windows as well as windows on school buildings, industrial estates, leisure facilities and hotels/restaurants. No job is too big or too small.

Edinburghclean.co.uk uses a range of different equipment and methods tailored to your requirements, whether that’s commercial window cleaning on a high rise building or on a site that is awkward to access, we have the expertise to adapt our approach.

We combine more traditional methods of window cleaning with the use of recently developed technology such as water fed poles. For example, we use exterior reach and wash equipment of 60 ft (provision to 80 ft) allowing us high access, this adds to our versatility in having different access options. We use cherry pickers to gain access to higher levels and our window cleaning operatives are trained in harness work and rope access.

All our staff have the same level of control over their equipment regardless of the height they are working at and will ensure that every window is cleaned thoroughly whether at high or low level. In addition, CSCS certification allows us to work on construction sites.

Do You Need a Window Cleaning Service in Edinburgh?

If you require window cleaning but are not sure how best to go about it? Let us survey the site, provide a safe action plan and execute the work. We can provide one off cleans or more regular maintenance. This might include monthly, fortnightly or weekly window cleaning.

We can also cover larger contracts throughout Scotland as required. Give us a ring today on 0131 285 2890.

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