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What is reach and wash? (Or Pole system window cleaning)

Reach and wash systems use purified water which is usually carried in a van or trolley and is pumped via hoses to a purpose designed window cleaning brush. This can be used to clean any type of glass from large shop front frames to Georgian wooden frames.

Why is the water purified?

The water used for this type of window cleaning has to be 100% pure for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, water is actually the best solvent in the world. It dissolves more materials than any other solvent on the planet. If we remove even trace impurities in tap water, then when the water is used for cleaning it dissolves even more dirt, grime and traffic film.

The second reason is to do with the finish (when the water dries off) you will notice that when EdinburghClean.co.uk clean your windows we do not remove the water droplets, instead allowing them to dry naturally. If we used regular tap water, this would leave marks on the glass. Properly purified water dries completely clear, with no evaporation residues.*

*please note that if you do not have your windows cleaned regularly with this method, there may be some residual marks on the first clean. This is mainly due to the window frames leaching dirt and grime trapped in the seals. This is usually washes out completely after one or two cleans.

How is the water purified?

The water is passed through a purification tank which contains a resin. This resin removes removes the main impurities still left in tap water  (Mainly trace amounts of metal Ions). Once the water has been through this process, it can be tested with a water purity meter to ensure it is completely pure. We usually look for a reading of <005 PPM. EdinburghClean.co.uk test their water on a weekly basis to ensure purity.

Does this method have any advantages?

Yes, particularly in the city. It solves a lot of access problems. Reach and wash also cleans your frames, keeping your paintwork or UPVC looking good. It also tends to keep glass cleaner for a little longer due to no soap residue being left on the glass. This method does work best when a regular cleaning schedule is implemented.

Will this water damage any of my paintwork or harm my window box plants?

Simply put, No. There is no chemical used in the water, and the water itself will not damage paint work or harm plants. In fact, you won’t need to remember to water them on the day your window cleaner visits.

How high can you reach?

Currently our poles reach to 20m or  60ft. This is about the limit a pole can be effectively used. In Edinburgh, this roughly translates to the 4th story on most properties.

My property is really high and there is no way to run hoses to the back due to access.

Don’t worry. Give us a call anyway. We have been problem solving Edinburgh’s access issues for almost 10 years and can usually find a way to get your Windows cleaned.

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