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Moth Damage- Edinburgh City CentreFAQ’S – Moth Treatments

Moths are a real problem particularly for homes with wool carpets in Edinburgh City so lets briefly answer some frequently asked questions about this problem.

Who are they?

The two most likely culprits are The Case Bearing Clothes Moth (Tinea Pellionella) or The Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella). While the name for each of these species seems to infer their diet preference, both species will attack any natural fibre, carpet or clothing. These include; wool, fur, cotton and silk, dyed and undyed. There have also been reports of these species attacking some man-made fibres, or fabrics where there is a percentage content of natural fibre. It is the moth larvae that actually eat the fibres. These later pupate and hatch into the moth that you tend to see.

What Conditions Do Moths Thrive in?

Put simply, similar conditions that most of us enjoy! Moths tend to be most at home in warm, mid to high humidity and still environments. You will tend to find them in darker areas of the home, perhaps where there are no windows or strong ventilation. Another likely area is around the edges of carpets, often near radiators. Moth activity often becomes apparent during May- June in Edinburgh City. When home temperatures are perhaps a little bit higher due to central heating still being on for cooler nights, but with higher ambient day temperatures.

Is there Anything I Can Do Myself To Prevent Them?

Unfortunately there is no magic formula. Even the most well-kept of homes can be subject to moths. Practical tips include daily, thorough vacuuming. Having carpets cleaned regularly. Keep your home at a working temperature of around 20 or 21 degrees centigrade. Allow plenty of ventilation and natural sunlight into your home during the day. In addition, keep an eye on disused rooms or little used areas of your home.

How do I know that I have a Moth Problem?

As far as damage to carpets goes, this will become quite evident fairly quickly. You will perhaps notice a number of small silvery moths around your home. If this is the case, make a careful check of all carpets throughout the house, particularly those in quiet or disused rooms. Use a torch to fully illuminate dark corners of your home and move furniture where possible. Vacuum all carpets thoroughly. You may notice carpet pile looking ragged or bald in circular patterns, with pile lifting as you run the vacuum cleaner over it. In general practice thorough, regular housekeeping as this is the best way to be aware of the start of a problem. Ideally you want to get the issue resolved before it requires any carpet be replaced.

I Have Moths in My Carpet! What Now?!

Act promptly. Firstly, thoroughly vacuum the area that you suspect has moths, including the room itself. Remove any other fabrics from the room, such as curtains, furniture and covers. Open any windows and try to get as much light into the room as possible. PHONE EDINBURGHCLEAN.CO.UK ON 0131-285-2890 and explain the problem. After a few straightforward questions, we will try and send someone round within 24 hours to assess and perform an initial treatment on the carpet to kill the moth life cycle.

Can I Phone Any Carpet Cleaning Company to deal with Moths?

A number of our Carpet Moth enquiries are from clients who have already had other carpet cleaning companies visit and fail to deal with the issue correctly. This can be a costly mistake. EdinburghClean.co.uk have a proven track record of dealing with Moths effectively.

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