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FAQ's carpet cleaningFAQ’S – Carpet Cleaning

Is carpet cleaning worth doing?

In short, yes. Regardless of how much you have spent on your carpet, keeping it clean, free of dirt, grease and allergens is a definite benefit for your home.  Research has shown that carpets are more effective than hardwood or laminate for maintaining low levels of dust and allergens around the house

Regular and proper cleaning also works to extend the life (both functionally and aesthetically) of your carpet, particularly if you have chosen wool or other hardwearing natural fibres.

Should I Choose a company with a Set Price List?

Every month, we hear of flyers and leaflets being posted through people’s doors with offers such as “carpet cleaning for £20 per room” or “clean 3 rooms and clean the 4th free!”. While these offers seem attractive, they betray a concerning problem with the company offering the deal.

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Does the company offering such transparent costs really understand or know how best to clean your carpet? Each carpet, and its situation are different. At EdinburghClean.co.uk, a survey is carried out on each carpet we are asked to quote. This process consists of identifying the type of fabric, (Wool, Nylon, Polypropylene) , the weave of the carpet (Cut pile, axeminster & more) and also the kind of wear the carpet has been subjected to (pets, children, countryside living, town living, stains & more) All these factors and more have a bearing on how we clean a carpet. What cleaning agents are used, what residual treatments are used, what cleaning methods are used.

With all of variants listed above, how can one price per room be achieved while maintaining high standards of work? At EdinburghClean.co.uk we don’t believe this is possible and we strongly advise customers to avoid cheap set price lists and instead choose a company who will provide a tailored cleaning service which will enhance your home.

  1. CHEMICAL TREATMENTS: Cheap work comes at a cost, ultimately to you. Carpet cleaning is no different. Does your operative have a wide selection of safe, approved cleaning agents? Will they be safe for your children or pets? Will they ensure colour fastness? Do they know how to leave your carpet conditioned and soft. Effective carpet cleaning requires a range of cleaning agents. Be cautious of any company who tells you that they only need one solution or that they do not need to rinse the solution out the carpet. This can be dangerous for you and the carpet. We have heard of customers who have even had serious skin irritation from incorrectly cleaned carpets. At EdinburghClean.co.uk we want you to ask questions! What are you using to clean my carpet? Will it be safe for my Children? WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO EXPLAIN EVERY ASPECT OF THE CLEANING PROCESS TO YOU.
  1. EQUIPMENT: Professional Carpet cleaning machinery and accessories are designed to ensure the carpet is left in the very best condition. Maximum contaminants removed, maximum water removed. Carpet left almost dry and looking great. At EdinburghClean.co.uk, we are continually investing in the very best equipment for our customers, to ensure the best finish. This equipment is costly to purchase and maintain. Cheap equipment causes problems including carpet shrinkage, damage to the carpet pile and potentially carpet rot. Always be cautious of cheap deals and offers.

I’ve heard that Hot water extraction is bad for carpets


When carried out properly however, Hot Water extraction is THE most effective and safe way to clean most carpets*.  Why do we say that? Simply put, the use of water at the correct temperature helps to clean your carpet in the same way that a washing machine cleans dirty clothes better at hotter temperatures. Heat softens grease and oils, allowing for more complete removal. It allows every aspect of the various cleaning agents to work and react faster and penetrate deeper into the carpet pile. It improves drying times. However the benefits of hot water need to be carefully managed and controlled. Water that is too hot can damage some synthetic fibres. It can also cause wool to shrink. EdinburghClean.co.uk has invested in highly controllable water temperature equipment. We can select any temperature between 30 degrees to 90 degrees to a 3 degree accuracy. (Please note that we NEVER recommend Steam cleaning fabrics or carpets)

Water needs to be removed effectively from a carpet. If it is not, this can cause shrinkage and rot. More commonly, it results in a flat looking, bubbled carpet.  You have perhaps come across this. EdinburghClean.co.uk currently uses two of the most powerful vacuums on the UK market in our machines to remove virtually all of the water that we use in the cleaning process. Don’t believe us? Watch us fill the clean water tank, and then see virtually the same volume of dirty water after work is completed.

*(Please note that carpets such as sea grass and viscose CANNOT be cleaned with water at all. In these cases EdinburghClean.co.uk offers a tailored dry cleaning service. Always check with a reputable company for dry cleaning advice).

I have another question about carpet or fabric cleaning.

Great! Get in touch over the phone or email. We would love to hear from you and are happy to explain and advise on any aspect of carpet cleaning. We even consult for insurance companies on aspects of carpet damage and types of carpet.

To have your questions answered, please visit the contact us page of this website.

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