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Exterior Building Maintenance in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city full of buildings that are architecturally beautiful. Walk down Chambers Street and you will find grey stone facades and the stunning National Museum of Scotland just across the road. While there are these traditional old buildings steeped in history, there are also numerous modern buildings such as the Scottish Parliament complex with its abstract, geometric shapes and Waverley station with its zig zagging extensive glass roof top. Whether you prefer Gothic to Modernist there is something that will appeal to everyone.

All these buildings whether old or new need to be maintained. It might involve sympathetically cleaning the sash windows on a Victorian or Georgian home or cleaning the exterior of a modern hotel or office block with their sharp, clean lines and use of different building materials such as steel. There is also an ever-increasing use of glass with the purpose of getting more natural light into buildings. However, having a glass roof comes with its own challenges as the glass needs to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly in order to ensure the light continues to get through.

Amongst several factors, airborne pollution and the weather can mean that a glass roof can quickly become dirty reducing the light quality. Algae commonly grows on roofs and window frames meaning that water doesn’t run off as quickly when it rains, which can lead to water being retained in seals and joints which will eventually make them rot.

Moss and Algae can also form on building panels which can detract from the overall appearance. Panelling can also become sullied by water stains which affects the overall sharp appearance of the building and doesn’t present it in the way the architect intended.

Gutters and water channels on buildings can very easily become blocked and if left unchecked can develop into a serious and very expensive problem. Professional cleaning and ongoing maintenance are therefore essential on roofs, exterior walls and windows etc. EdinburghClean.co.uk have accrued years of experience in commercial and domestic cleaning.

EdinburghClean.co.uk also have the expertise to work with many types of products and methods for safely cleaning and restoring roofing caps, facia plates, window framing and other building materials such as smooth renders and polycarbonate panelling which is often used on modern builds. This kind of maintenance improves the aesthetics of the building, keeps it in good condition extending its lifespan, and helps to identify early more serious problems which can be addressed, keeping the cost down in the long term.

We are able to use a comprehensive range of products which not only clean but also help protect building materials such as anodised aluminium and polycarbonate.

We have access certificates to be able to clear channels and gutters on the roofs of large buildings. We also work with the best companies in the UK who carry out industrial repairs for leaks and window frames.

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