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Window Renovation in Edinburgh

Over the last 50 years the way that we work has changed, but just as significant are the changes in the way offices are built and the fabrics that are used. These days the building fabric of an office is made of multi layered elements with modern materials such as high-performance glazing and a range of cladding including aluminium and stainless steel now being used. These all need to be maintained in order to extend their life and ensure the maximum performance of the building in relation to factors such as noise, ventilation, light and security.

One key external element of an office building are theexternal metal window frames and caps. With age and prolonged exposure to the elements, there will come a time when they will need some attention.

Edinburghclean.co.uk have many years of experience restoring a wide range of external building fabrics. We recently renovated the external metal window frames and caps on an office block. This service was provided to compliment the work done by a main contractor.

Despite the size and height of the premises as well as the amount of glass, we were able to get access to all of the external walls of the building using special equipment and scaffolding. You can see the work that was carried out from the photographs included.

Why renovate metal window frames and caps? It is more economical to repair and draught-proof this type of window frame. Heavy rust and paint can be removed, the frames cleaned and then reproofed efficiently and effectively.

When they are properly maintained metal framed windows will enhance the appearance of a building. It also extends the life of the frames and caps by reproofing them against the elements. This in turn helps to prevent the need for an expensive respray in the future.

To find out more about renovating and restoring the various types of building fabrics on commercial premises, call Edinburghclean.co.uk today on 0131 285 2890 or email us enquiries@edinburghclean.co.uk

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